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2017-04-23 03:28 pm

Dreamwidth Acc


So i decided to move from LJ to DW. Actually, i already joined in DW some years ago but don't know what to do with it because some of Jhonny's fangirls are in LJ..

But based on some issued about LJ, they decided to move from LJ, and now, I will active in DW start from right now..

for those who know me in LJ please accept me as your friend and let's be friend again in DW ^.^


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2017-04-23 03:16 pm

(RAW) Itadaki High JUMP Episodes

i've made changed to this post, i decided to make list episodes of Itajump...

For u who want them so much,the links are below:
Itadaki High JUMP 2016.08.24 4shared
Itadaki High JUMP 2016.09.01 4shared
Itadaki High JUMP 2016.09.08 4shared
Itadaki High JUMP 2016.09.15 4shared
Itadaki High JUMP 2016.10.13 4shared
Itadaki High JUMP 2016.10.27 4shared

cc: clubbox

PS: please do not share the links here to anyone or anywhere since the videos are not mine. if you do, i won't provide the next episode of Itajump or i will delete the links of mine ^^....

Don't forget to say thanks or else ^.^...